Efficient, sustainable, and automatic property management, powered by Data Fusion
Smarter buildings today. Autonomous tomorrow.
Data Fusion extracts and integrates siloed building data from disparate systems, enabling actionable building information, and property managers to make better decisions about operations, maintenance, and sustainability.
Turning information into business value
Our user-centric software provides property managers with a single entry point to building operations.

From IoT devices and BMS, to operations & maintenance, BIM, and public data - ALL relevant building information made available in our state-of-the-art Digital Twin.
Putting your data to work
Manage and control buildings intelligently with Fusion-powered data and AI, enabling prediction of events and automated actions in real-time.
Provide tenants with the experience they want. Information, insight, and control all provided in an app with great UX.
Smart digital property management is here! A single entry point providing an unparalleled real-time holistic overview.
Intelligent Property Management
Integrating and standardizing disparate sources of building data is a key challenge in real estate. Autility brings siloed data together to provide a holistic view of the building, enabling property managers, owners and tenants to harness the full potential from their buildings.

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