Autility is a real estate SaaS company that was established with a clear mission - make building information easily available and actionable, to enable efficient, sustainable, and automatic property management.
About us
Powered by Data Fusion and AI, we provide property managers, owners and tenants with user-friendly applications to harness the full potential from their buildings.
Accelerating the transition to sustainable autonomous buildings!
Our Vision
Meet the team
Sebastian Videhult
COO & Founder
Anders Melbye
Lucas Francois
Data Scientist
Tord Sætren
Data Scientist & Engineer
Arijit Das
App Developer
Artem Artemov
Business Analyst
Software Engineer
Konstantin Bondar
Lead Frontend Developer
Oleksandr Ismagulov
Lead Product Designer
Alexander Vinokurov
QA Engineer
Elena Vasylchenko
Frontend Developer
Artem Bogdan
André Keane
CTO & Founder
Antonio González Viegas
Digital Twin Lead
Magnus Hasselø
Sales Director
Ottar Aune